Anatomy of a Synopsis

Lately, it seems like I’m being bombarded by authors and writer friends who want feedback on their synopses. Is there something going on that I’m not aware of? Have the Gods of publishing and agenting flung open the gates to our paradise and are actually committing to read our queries and synopses in search of that new voice, that next bestseller? If it’s true, then I’m screwed because I didn’t get that memo! I also haven’t written the synopsis for my latest manuscript because I hate writing synopses! That’s why I suggest writing the synopsis of your book when you finish the outline and before writing the book. Then, when you finish your manuscript, all you have to do is edit any major plot changes in your synopsis and you’re done. By the way, I made up the word agenting because it just sounds cool, unlike conversating.

Okay, so what is a synopsis? Or better yet, what isn’t a synopsis? As we know all too well, it’s always much easier to point out what something isn’t rather Continue reading “Anatomy of a Synopsis”