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Kiss Me at the Finish Line

(where fiction meets today's reality)

"I sat there in complete vertigo. My head felt like it was floating somewhere above my body as I stared into the eyes of the most infamous person in America since 9/11: Timothy Brown."

- HC (Juror 983)

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A.A. Bavar


A. A. Bavar

Amir Bavar was born in 1968 in Iran. One day, in 1978, at the age of nine, he was rushed out of school by his mother and found himself boarding a plane for Italy. The Iranian Islamic Revolution had arrived, and although he didn't understand it at the time, it was the beginning of his exile.


Life for Amir became an adventure, from going to school in an ancient castle in Florence and playing tennis on the famed lawns at Wimbledon, to dribbling a soccer ball on the white, sandy beaches of Brazil. However, what he did not realize at the time was that his roots had been permanently upheaved, that the life he knew and the family and friends he had left behind would only live in his memories. It was a new start, and although fortunate to be among the ones to get away, he was unwittingly catapulted into a new sense of identity and a lifelong journey in search of that ever elusive feeling of belonging.

After high school in Brazil, Amir moved to the U.S. and majored in computer systems engineering with a concentration in creative writing. He met his future wife in engineering lab and got married soon after graduation. Together, they moved to Brazil and started a successful post-production and desktop publishing company.


In 1999, Amir wrote his first feature screenplay, Shutdown, which was considered for production by New Line Cinema with Harrison Ford as one of the attached actors. He then wrote several other screenplays which were very well received and published his first novel, Az - Revenge of an Archangel, in 2015. In 2016, he wrote an episode for the sitcom  Last Man Standing called, My Truck Needs a Wash. He also wrote an episode for the show Silicon Valley called Ransom Where?


In 2017, Amir's second novel, Samantha, was published. He is currently working on his third novel, Kiss Me at the Finish Line, which will be released in early 2019.


Today, Amir lives with his wife and three children in Massachusetts and dedicates his time to writing.